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Reference Desk - Calculators

Paycheck Calculator
 Use this calculator to see how much your next paycheck will be.

Savings Calculator
 Use this calculator to find the final value of a savings plan, including the addition of monthly contributions over a period of years.

401(k) Calculator
 Use this calculator to find the final value of your 401(k) plan, including contributions by your employer.

Loan Repayment Calculator
 Use this calculator to see how much interest you will pay at various terms and amounts of repayments of a loan / credit card.

Loan Amortization Calculator
 Use this to calculate amortization schedules for your mortgage loans.  Especially useful at tax time!

Straight Line Depreciation Calculator
 If you have depreciable equipment, this calculator will help you determine what goes on your tax forms.

Scientific Calculator
 Just a simple scientific calculator for those without one sitting on their desk.

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